Welcome to My Webpage

I have made this website so that teachers can teach without needing the binders, folders, books, and worksheets that we all must lug to school every day.  This website is for a teacher who wants to use the computer to instruct students, share media, print out worksheets, locate resources, assess student work, differentiate instruction, and clear the desk of piles of materials.  Everything a teacher needs is here in one place.  Need an extra two or three worksheets?  Print them here.  Need an exemplar to show students?  It is here.  Want to show a presentation on a topic?  It is all here.  Want to move to another country and teach?  All you need to do is pack your suitcase, grab your computer, and go.

 Just connect to hbrandt.com and you are free to explore the world!



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You will love this music which is part of a project to help young children of limited means develop their natural musical abilities.  Think about making a donation!

I Can Awards 

Students earn can awards to show what they "can" do.  They put them on their notebooks.  You can edit the names and the skills for your students.  These are especially great for math skills.  Some students already have "I cans" for making tally marks, telling time, counting money, place value, fact families, and skip counting.