My Classroom


 Ziploc Bags are great for storing sets of worksheets.  Unlike folders, Ziplocs allow you to see the contents at a glance.  They last for a long time, especially the freeze type.



Always have a stack of cheap washrags by the sink.  They come in handy when cleaning up spills or having the students wash their tables.



 No Peekies are the perfect individual study places.  They are made by having the students decorate 2 folders each.  The folders are taped together in the middle with a 2 to 3 inch overlap.  The folders are then laminated.  They last forever so it is not necessary to make more each year.

You may want to skip the part about decorating the folders as it sometimes caused students to want "the pretty one" or the "war one" which can be a problem.


Students liked for their birthday to be special and there is not always time to make birthday crowns.  A simple crown can be made from bulletin board edging.  Have one color such as sparkly red or gold or just use up some of your old edging.  

The birthday child got to be the Line Leader all day.  He/She also got to call the student table groups to line up at the door. 

The children sang Dr. Jean's Birthday Song to the student and if the day was nice the birthday snack was served in a nearby park.


This game was used for 38 years so it is a bit faded.  It is simply a gameboard.  The legs are each a different color: red, blue, yellow, green, orange, and purple.  There are 15 one inch squares in each path .  Colored inch cubes or teddy bear counters can be used as game pieces.  All players start at the outside of the board.  They are trying to reach the circle in the center.  The gameboard can be used for any number of players 2-6.

This game can be used for a variety of drills: sight words, letter sounds, telling time, etc.  The teacher shows a card.  If it is correctly identified, the student rolls a die.  There are no losers. There is the first winner, the second winner, etc.