This page includes units that are taught through out the year.  They tie into the holidays without including the fictional aspects of them.  Reindeer is for December, lice for January, the human heart for February, and rabbits for April.  These units typically take about 2 weeks in order to complete all of the componants.  The students do research, produce a product, and make an art project.

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Reindeer Study:  The reindeer study is usually taught in December.  It is based on real reindeer and doesn't include any fictional representations of reindeer.  This makes it appropriate for students from any religious afilliation.  The students listen to expository texts about reindeer.  They gather information for their reports.  At the end of the unit students present their reports and attach them to a cut and paste reindeer.  Our winter party includes reindeer cookies, pin the nose on the reindeer, and reindeer bingo.  Be sure to check out the reindeer CGI problems and the reindeer poem.

LiceThis is a great unit for after the winter holidays.  It is a high interest unit and everyone has a story about having lice or knowing someone with lice.  I have several stories about having lice myself!  The weather is cold and coats and hats are showing up at school.  Once someone has had lice, it is easy to start thinking of fantasy stories about lice.  This unit focuses on student created fictional texts.  The students have a chance to let their imaginations run wild.