This unit was developed for Higher Level Learners, but it is also appropriate for Grade Level Learners.  The students all do the same activities, but the expectations are differentiated. 

  • Higher Level Learners have more independence in their goal setting and selection of resources.  They are accountable for their own productivity and the selection of the expository texts they will use for their research.  Grade Level Learners will listen to expository texts selected and read by the teacher.
  • Higher Level Learners are required to provide 3 examples of each type of feet on the Different Kinds of Feet worksheet, Grade Level Learners only need 2 examples.  On the Compare and Contrast worksheet, Higher Level Learners will provide 5 responses for same and 5 for different (cow and reindeer).  Grade Level Learners only need 3 responses for each.
  • All students will report on the uses of reindeer hooves, but only the Higher Level students will compare hooves with other feet.
  • All students will write a report on their research, but the Grade Level Learners only need to provide six facts while Higher Level Learners will write at least ten.  Higher Level Learners will also work on the Vocabulary Worksheets.







Gifted & Talented: Reindeer


TEK 1.10A  Organisms and Environments:  Students investigate how the external characteristics of an organism are related to where it lives, how it moves, and what it eats.

These are the pages you will need to do the main reindeer unit.  Check out the other reindeer resources.  They include a video, powerpoint,  math, science, vocabulary, and poetry.  There is also a link to a cute reindeer cookie from Martha Stewart.


             myproductivity.JPG              my_productivity.doc Students set goals and kep track of their work each day in order to determine if they are being productive.

  This is the frame I used to determine the focus of the reindeer study.  I use it as a title page for my students' reports.                                 

 feet.cartoon.JPG  feet.cartoon.pdf:  This cartoon is a good way to get the students to start thinking about animals' feet.
 kinds.feet.JPG  kinds.of.feet.docStudents use pictionaries to locate animals with the different kinds of feet.
reindeer.vs.cow 2.JPG  reindeer.vs.cow.doc  Students can use the reindeer and cow cartoons to illustrate their paper.  Students compare and contrast a cow and a reindeer.

Reindeer.hooves.doc: Students can use this paper for their report on the different uses of reindeer hooves.  Higher level learners will include why hooves are a better choice for reindeer feet than other types of feet.



cow.JPG cow.cartoon.ppt  Ss. can use this paper for their reindeer report.  My Ss. used Microsoft Word and typed their own reports.



Reindeer Reading



Imogene.antlers.doc Students draw their body under the antlers and put what they would have in their antlers.  Add caption.

imegenes antlers.JPG