Graphic Organizers



The Double Bubble Thinking Map replaces the Venn Diagram when comparing and contrasting two items.  The items being compared are drawn in the two circles and the names of the items are listed on the lines above the circles.  Shared characteristics are listed between the two circles.  Each characteristic is written and connected to both pictures with lines.  Characteristics belonging to only one of the items are written on the outside of the paper and connected to the correct item with a line.  

This is an example of a completed Double Bubble Thinking Map comparing and contrasting a rabbit and a human.  They are the same because they need shelter, have offspring, are mammals, drink milk, have live babies, etc.  This information goes down the middle.  Rabbits have fur, four legs, don't talk, dig their homes, and have teeth that continue to grow.  This information is shown for the rabbit with lines connecting it to the rabbit picture. The human characteristics are to the right of the picture:  hair, two legs, talk, teeth that do not grow, and they build their homes.