Handwriting Resources


Writing.Practice.Paper.doc  Paper for students to use to form individual letters or numerals.  Indicates where to start each letter.  Letters written in light gray boxes so students can see shape of letters. 

These boxes are good for Hand Writing Without Tears practice on capitals, some lower case, and numerals.

writing.numerals.JPG Numeral.writing.ppt  Powerpoint presentation for students to see correct formation of each numeral.  Use with Writing.Practice.Paper.
 desk.copy.JPG  Numeral.desk.copy.doc  These are strips showing the correct formation of each of the numerals.  Students start on red dot, make purple line, then green.  Arrows show the last stroke.
 smilie.face.JPG   Happy.face.doc  Place the happy face at the top of the door in the left hand corner for students to use as a starting place for their handwriting.  Students can practice handwriting while waiting in line.
 alphabet.w.out.tears.JPG  alphabet.without.tears.pdf  Put these anchor charts on the students' tables so that they can see the correct formation of the letters.