TEK1.4  Number and operations. The student applies mathematical process standards to identify coins, their values, and the relationships among them in order to recognize the need for monetary transactions.

The student is expected to:

(A) identify U.S. coins, including pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters, by value and describe the relationships among them;

(B) write a number with the cent symbol to describe the value of a coin; and

(C) use relationships to count by twos, fives, and tens to determine the value of a collection of pennies, nickels, and/or  dimes.

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Money Activity Sheets                                             







 Nichels  Dimes.JPGnickels.dimes 2.doc








money.Spin.Tally 1.doc


money.closer.look 1.doc




Spinning.in.the.money 1.doc



This is posted in the classroom so that students are aware of their level of skill with money.  They can see their next step to mastery.


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 Additional Money Instruction

Group Instruction                


Pre-Assessment: Topic 12 Free-Response Test  (Any S. who gets all these right is a 4!)

Topic 12 Envision: Topic 12.1-12.3 

Brainpopjr: Money Counting coins, dollars and cents, and equivalent coins

Coin Bingo p.126 Nimble With Numbers

Coin Count p.127 Nimble With Numbers

Assessment: Teacher made test from Envision or What I Know About Coins

Partner Games


Coin Draw p. 134 Nimble With Numbers