Activity Work Sheets

oper.spinit.JPG oper.dom.fact.family.JPG
 spin_it.doc   Students use a spinner to determine a number that is more or less than the previous number.  Activity can be differentiated by changing the starting number or putting +10 in each of the spinner boxes.

domino.fact.family.doc Students select and record 4 dominoes and then write the fact family to go with it.
              oper.dom.add.JPG                       oper.dom.subt.JPG
domino.addition.subtraction.doc Student selects and records dominoes.  Then record the number sentence to go with it.

Shake Those Beans is a game that students can play by themselves or with a partner.  Student used the given number of the two sided beans.  Shake and drop the beans.  Count the number of red beans first.  That is the first number and the number of white beans is the second.  Find that fact on the student sheet and write the fact in the box above the bottom fact.  First fact that gets to the top of the column is the winner.
These are math challenges for higher level students.