Teachers can choose to use the reading ladder or the DRA reading record to record student progress during the year.  The reading ladders take up less space on the wall, and are replaced by the high reading ladder when students move to DRA24. The DRA reading record can stay up all year.  Students in first grade can only be one grade level above so the ladderand record only go to level 34.  These materials can be used for kinder and first grade.


Reading Level ladders and title displayed on a bulletin board.


Reading Assessments

Reading Records


  DRA Progress Chart.docx

This chart is used to record the selections that are used for testing students.  This is helpful so that a student does not get tested on the same selection each time. 




Students can track their DRA reading level progress throughout the year.  Put date of independent level DRA  and the student colors that step. 


        This is the College Ready ladder.                    

 Alternate Student DRA Record Sheet



Keep track of each students' reading levels on this sheet.  Make a card for each student.  Teacher writes the date when a student is on that independent level.  Student colors in the box below to keep track of their progress. 


Class Reading Records.doc

Record the DRA levels of all of the first grade students on one sheet.  Put the date the student reads on an independent level.

 Word Wall Words




This sheet includes 38 Kinder Word Wall Words and activities to learn them.




This is the Kinder Word Wall target to record student progress toward their goal of 38 Word Wall Words.


The word wall list  is based on Patricia Cunningham's 100 words.  The words were then organized according to the frequency that they appear in primary reading material.  I introduce 5 words each week to the Ss.  The Ss. keep track of their ability to read the words on the first target.  These are on a bulletin board on the wall. 



Teacher records the number of words the student can read and the date on an arrow that hits the target in the appropriate location.


Ss. use the first target spell to keep track of ten spelling words at a time.  The title for the first target is included with the signs.ladder.