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Science Behavior Charts

You have probably seen the behavior charts that teachers use that has different levels.  In my class there are 8 levels.  Students start on the fourth level and can move up if they have done well and move down if they forget the class rules.  Students who end up on the top two levels at least three times each week get to eat in the room and watch a movie on Friday.  Students on the bottom level meet with me and their parents to discuss the rules.  Students on the 7th level copy the class rules during recess.  Students on the 6th level have a short time out at recess.  I don't worry about level 5.  

What has this got to do with science you ask?

I started using this system when my class was studying Pebbles, Sand, and Silt.  Students were supposed to learn the names and sizes of each of the rocks.  I used the different sizes for my chart.  Mountain was the biggest and the best.  Clay was the smallest and the worst.   I was amazed at the students' mastery of the vocabulary.  The words were tied to something important.  No one wanted to be a "drip" or a "decomposer".  Students bragged to the principle that they were "carnivores."  These students have learned these words!