1.10:  Organisms and environments.  The student knows that organisms resemble their parents and have structures and processes that help them survive within their environments.

The student is expected to:

1.10B:  identify and compare the parts of plants.





 These 5 day  plans focus on the parts of the plant and their functions.  You may wish to add some of the seed activities below if you have the time.

writing paper.one.stop.plant.doc


 This paper is for the students to write 4 questions that they would like answered about plants.



 Use these cards to introduce the plant vocabulary needed for this unit.


This is a copy of a student assessment telling the functions of each of the parts of the plant.  Students who get all parts correct get a score of 4, 3 parts correct get a 3, etc.

Students also make the plant using the student worksheets to put each of the parts in the correct position just like the plant anchor chart.


 Soak large lima beans in water for 2-3 hours to soften the seed coat.  Model removing the seed coat, opening the two seed halves, and locating the embryo.  Discuss the name and function of each part: seed coat, endosperm, embryo (root, stem, leaves).  Note that there are two leaves.  Pass out the seed pop-up.  Students label each part and write function on seed coat and endosperm (food).  Color seed coat and embryo yellow.  Cut and paste.


plant.cycle 640x447.jpg

Students plant large lima beans in plastic cups.  Observe the growth of their seed.  Students then cut out life cycle pictures, put in correct order to show the cycle of the life of a plant.