Students' completed projects include a self-portrait with a small door.  Lift the flap to see a human heart.


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Our Heart





BrainPopJr video about the heart.

The Inside Story With Slim Goodbody: Lubba Dubba:  The Inside Story of Your Heart and Blood 

15 minute video on United Streaming explaining the heart



These are the vocabulary words that students need to understand when studyiing their hearts.



Cover sheet for project if students do worksheets independently.



Students record prior knowledge.



Students color the veins red and the arteries blue.




Students copy the labels for some of the parts of the heart.  They can color the parts red and blue using the information from the Heart.Veins page above.



Students compare the work of the heart with the work of a muscle.



Students record the knowledge they have gained from their readings during the study.



Students select one of the heart health tips to create a poster to promote heart health.



After reading Take Heart from, students illustrate and explain a heart idiom.



Using classroom resources, students define the important vocabulary from the heart study.



Students copy their four heart facts over in their best handwriting.  These can be shared along with the Heart Health posters that the students created.



Four questions of increasing difficulty.



A way to involve parents in the heart study.