Rabbit Cartoons and Literature



Cartoon Resources

Show students how to draw a bunny at the beginning of the unit following the steps.

The books used and the activities are just examples of what can be done with any rabbit stories.


dumb.bunnies 640x480.jpg

 The first story read is Make Way For Dumb Bunnies.  We discuss how our bunnies are different from the illustrations in the Dumb Bunnies.  Students then draw an illustration of the Dumb Bunnies.  They write a story telling of the further adventures of the Dumb bunnies.


Max.dragon 640x391.jpg

 Max's Dragon Shirt is our next selection.  Students note the differences in the illustrations of the Dumb Bunnies and Max.  Students draw an illustration from this story, then add a story about Max and Ruby.

 ten.little bunnies.jpg

rabbit.want.know 640x465.jpg

Ten Little Bunnies is used next so that students can see how similar rabbits can be changed by adding various details.  Students create an illustration showing all ten bunnies.  Students add 3 dialogue balloons showing 3 of the questions they generated when they wrote what they wanted to know about rabbits.