I have taught for 39 years.  I want to share some of the things that I have learned during that time.  Hopefully this will help you avoid some rough spots during your career.


Things I Have Learned

Never tie a student's shoes unless you can wash your hands immediately.  When shoelaces are dragging on the floor, there is a possiblity that they have gotten urine on them when the student went in the restroom.  Hepatitis can be contracted from urine.

When you are headed outside, make sure that you are at the head of the line.  One day I sent my kids running for the playground and a man was there who said he was Jesus.  He was calling the students to come over to him.  Now I lead the line so that I will meet Jesus before the kids.

Whenever you go somewhere, always count your kids.  My first day of teaching I took the students out for recess.  About 30 minutes after we returned to the room a mom showed up at the door with one of my students.  He had gone home during recess.  Not all moms are as nice about it as this mom was.

Document all contact with parents.  Keep a notebook and a pen by your telephone.  Write down the date of the call and topic.  This comes in handy when you might have to defend yourself!

Pay attention when you are reading a story!  After finishing a story, I tried to stand up but found that a student had tied my long and flowing skirt to the leg of the chair.