Teacher Websites

Teacher Sites



This is a great timer to use in class.  You can set it to any time or you can select one of the different songs to play.  The timer shows the time and a visual of the time remaining.



If you need realistic clipart, this is a great website.  Pictures are black and white.  Many look like they are from the 1900's.



If you need materials for your literacy centers or small group reading instruction, this is the place to go.  It has materials for all primary grades.  They are divided into different instructional focuses. 



This is a great site if you are having the students publish their work and you want the handwriting to look great when you put it on the bulletin board.  Go to the paragraph section, type in the words, print, and the students trace on top of the dotted lines. 



This is a program I use for reading homework.  Students take home and return to school each day a folder containing the Step Reading Program.  When they can read a step at a rate of 30 words per minute, they move to the next step.  Students keep this folder when school ends so that they can practice their reading through the summer.


Aesop's Fables

Great collection of many of Aesop's Fables.  Many are animated.  Some with sound.  Most require a reader.


Math Websites


Math Games

 Go to this website to find lots of skill focused games that students can play.


NCTM  Resources For Teaching Math

Lots of Math Activities



 Activities form AAAMath.com



This are math manipulatives that can be used for instruction or student practice.

They are are also in Spanish!



Online Resource Library from Canada     




HSP Math Texas Grade 1

Most of the games here are on this page but it also has demonstrations and songs.



Because this site has the word "games" in the title, they may not work with our school browser that does not allow "games."

 Rabbit Sites   Who’s In Rabbit’s House (11:30)


Max’s Chocolate Chicken (5:00)


Peep in Rabbitland (10:18)


Rabbit Care for Kids: This is a file, not a video


Learn About Rabbits on Rescue Roundtable (26:30)